Things to Consider When Selecting Window Coverings

Shopping for window coverings can be exciting and enjoyable. It can also be a bit daunting. With so many beautiful products available, you will need to decide on your most important requirement. You will need to consider price, function and appearance.

If price is your first concern, you will select a product that stays within your budget – usually this is a concern if you have a fairly tight budget. If you want something that is practical – consider small children, pets, UV protection etc, you will perhaps spend a little more to achieve this goal. If appearance is most important, you will look at products that are luxurious and beautiful. Of course, you want all three – beautiful, practical and inexpensive.

Each category has window treatments that will be beautiful, practical yet inexpensive. Consider Hunter Douglas horizontal wood blinds or APPLAUSE honeycomb shades. These can give you privacy, light control and are sturdy enough for even the busiest of households but will be on the lower price grid.

Moving up a little on the price scale, you can select Hunter Douglas DUETTE Architella honeycomb shades – here you have beauty and energy efficiency but will pay a little more. Also, a favorite choice is NANTUCKET shades – combining beauty, privacy control and UV protection.

If your tastes are for champagne, consider Hunter Douglas SILHOUETTE, PIROUETTE or LUMINETTE shades. These products, while on the upper end of the price scale, are luxurious, have gorgeous color pallets and will be the finishing touch for your home.