Caring For Your New Blinds and Shades

Once your beautiful windows coverings are installed, you will want to keep them looking crisp and clean to prolong their beauty. Most products simply need a light dusting – once a month, give them a quick once over. For deeper cleaning, you will need to take a little more care.

Venetian blinds – aluminum, wood or faux woods can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Tilt the vanes closed and wipe from side to side, reverse the vane direction and wipe the other side. If your blinds are heavily soiled, you can spray a mild cleaning solution on the vanes and allow the residue to drip off. Repeat with a rinse of warm water and wipe dry. Keep the water to a minimum for real wood blinds.

Many cellular shades can be immersed in cold water with a mild cleaning solution. Allow the shades to soak for a few minutes then rinse with cool water and stand on end to drain. One word of caution – never, ever soak black-out shades in water. These need to be professionally cleaned.

Most vertical blind vanes can be washed – always test one vane before attempting to wash them all. I once told a client of mine that she could wash her blinds. While at work, her husband took all the vanes down and put them in the washing machine. Not a good idea! They should be gently washed in cold water with a mild cleaning solution. The bath-tub works well. Rinse and hang them back to dry.

For your more delicate shades such as Hunter Douglas SILHOUETTE, PIROUETTE OR VIGNETTE shades, you will need to call a professional blind cleaner to do the job. Occasionally you will get a small fly or bug in your Silhouette shades. If the shade is not too wide, simply blow it out, or a quick spritz of canned air (used for cleaning computer key boards) will do the trick. Hunter Douglas LUMINETTE sheers need to be ultra-sonically cleaned. Again, be sure to use a reputable company for this job.